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1957 born in bremen, germany
1977-83 studies at the academy of fine art, brunswick, germany
1982 master degree, professor malte sartorius
1985/1986 studies at the royal academy of fine art, the hague, the netherlands
2001 interdisciplinary culture project merge on java, indonesia
with paul goodman, jos janssen and the miroto dance company
2003 first steel-sculptures, basel, switzerland
2007/2008 lecturer at the university of hildesheim, germany
since 2014 lecturer at the school of architecture, bremen, germany

1985/86 german academic foreign exchange scholarship for the netherlands, the hague
1991 scholarship of the german academy rome, villa casa baldi, olevano romano, italy
1992 scholarship art fund e.v. bonn, germany
2009 scholarship bartels foundation, basel, switzerland
2012/2013 scholarship bremen evangelical churches, germany
2014 artist in residence, urbahnen, stiftung schloss leuk, zentriegenhaus raron (wallis), switzerland

1987 young west art award for drawing, kunsthalle recklinghausen, germany
1997 first award of the international drawing and graphic biennial, gyoer, hungary
2000 award of the international art triennial majdanek, lublin, poland
2004 award (mention) for installation and environment with jos (jhw) janssen,
international competition for electronic music and sound art film, bourges, france
(music: jos janssen, shadow-installation: constantin jaxy)
2007 first award of the sculpture competition crossroads bremen-north, germany
realisation of large steel-sculptures
2019 first award of the competition freehand drawing, bbkl, tapetenwerk leipzig, germany

public and private collections
contemporary art collection of the federal republic of germany
bavarian state painting collection
hamburger kunsthalle
sprengel museum hanover
deutsche bank collection
kunsthalle bremen
karin und uwe hollweg collection
kunsthalle recklinghausen
mönchehaus museum goslar
car museum aschaffenburg, since 2006 louwman museum, the hague, the netherlands
museum of engraving, paleologi castle, acqui terme, italy
national museum majdanek, lublin, poland
municipal museum of art, györ, hungary
imprint graphic art collection, warsaw, poland
international print triennial society, krakow, poland
industrial museum delmenhorst
stadtwerke swb bremen
public art collection, salder castle, salzgitter
robert simon collection at the bomann-museum celle
weserburg, museum of modern art, bremen
e.on collection
confederation of german construction industry berlin
luxun academy of fine arts, shenyang, china
blg-forum, bremen overseas
essent, arnhem, the netherlands
broadcasting hall of bremen
boston consulting group, frankfurt

private collections in basel, berlin, bremen, cologne, dusseldorf,
frankfurt, hamburg, kassel, new york, rio de janeiro, rotterdam, zurich

solo exhibitions

1989 gering-kulenkampff gallery, frankfurt, germany, catalogue
1992 art association mannheim, art association freiburg, germany, catalogue
1995 art association speyer, germany, catalogue
1998 lilian andrée gallery, basel, switzerland, catalogue
2003 art association stuttgart, germany, catalogue
2007 blg-forum, harbour bremen, germany, catalogue
art association cuxhaven, germany, catalogue
2008 art association konstanz, germany
essent, arnhem, the netherlands
2009 bartels foundation, basel, switzerland
2010 art association siegburg/bonn, germany
2012 castle leuk, wallis, switzerland
2013 art and culture church st. stephani, bremen, germany, catalogue
2014 mali likovni salon, novi sad, serbia, catalogue
2015, 2017 lilian andrée gallery, basel, switzerland
2017 north-west contemporary, masterpieces from public collections, art museum bremerhaven, germany
2005, 2018 harbour museum speicher XI, bremen-überseestadt, germany
2020 4D project location,bbkl, tapetenwerk leipzig, germany - exhibition of the first award winner -competition freehand drawing 2019

also gallery solo exhibitions in basel, frankfurt, stuttgart, hamburg, berlin, hannover, bremen and rotterdam

group exhibitions

2000 consulat general of the frg, german house, new york, usa
2003 international graphic triennial krakow, poland
2003 contemporary german graphic, national gallery nowosibirsk, russia
2004 dream and dead: museum gallery, prince of wales museum, bombay, india
2004 outdoor, sculpture exhibition, basel/riehen, switzerland (several years)
2005 de verborgen planet, ndsm amsterdam, the netherlands
2006 kunst & complex, rotterdam, the netherlands
luxun academy of fine arts, shenyang, china
2007 international graphic triennial vienna, austria
2008 imprint, warschau, poland
2009 vorortost gallery, leipzig, germany
international graphic triennial krakow, poland
international drawing and graphic biennial, gyoer, hungary
2010 international print network, horst janssen museum, oldenburg, germany
multiple matters, künstlerhaus vienna, austria
contemporary art ruhr, world heritage zollverein essen, germany
2011 guanlan international print biennial, shenzhen, china
imprint, 2nd international graphic arts triennial warsaw, poland
2012 >Network - C.A.R. contemporary art ruhr<, ZAHA museum, seoul, republic korea
german project >Netz im Visier<, the novosibirsk state art museum, russia
2013 winners of the young west artprice for drawing, 1948 - 2011, kunsthalle recklinghausen, germany
European contemporary print triennial, toulouse, france
2014 light art in germany in the 21st century, museum of art celle with robert simon collection, germany
Invitation to the main exhibition >A NEW NECESSITY - community & territory<
yeosu international art festival, republic of korea
2015 anonymous drawings, art association Tiergarten, north gallery, berlin
>theatre of light. from rembrandt to turrell<, the collection of prints and drawings,
kunsthalle bremen, germany
2016 >two meters below zero<, kunsthalle wilhelmshaven, germany
2017 >NordArt<, international art exhibition, Kunstwerk Carlshütte, germany
2017/2018 north-west contemporary, masterpieces from public collections,
art museum bremerhaven, germany
2018 outer space in bremen, bremische bürgerschaft, germany
2019 event freehand drawing, bbkl, tapetenwerk leipzig, germany
2020 quiet moments, interiors and still lifes from the graphic collection,
sprengel museum hanover, germany

art-fairs since 1984: cologne – basel – zürich – frankfurt - karlsruhe


The basis of all forms and abstractions of my work is the technical, architectural environment.
Constant excursions to cities, (air)ports and railway stations worldwide, this process leads to new formulations. The impressions are documented by photos, sketches and finds, with the digital camera as a permanent tool.
Out of this base, works of art (also in large format) develop in form of: drawings, objects and in recent years also sculptures and installations.

constantin jaxy

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